Academy of Gallo

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Linguistic Files of the Academy of Gallo

Cards of Standardization for Gallo

The AE Digraph  French version

Endings for the Past Participles

AE Ending: Summary

EY Ending: Summary

Differences Between AE and EY Endings: Summary

ERIY and IRIY Endings  (+ exercise)

ETAE and ETEY Endings   (+ exercise)

The AI and OÊ Digraphs  (+ exercise) - French version

The EI Digraph  French version

The U Vowel  (+ exercise) - French version

The OUZ Ending  French version

Diphtongs from a Latin L

The AO Diphtong

The ÈO Diphtong

The IÙ Diphtong

The OÙ Diphtong