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Dictionaries of the Academy of Gallo

Dictionary of the Academy of Gallo

The Dictionary is the exclusive production of the Academy of Gallo. It built on Patrik Deriano's works that were published by Editions Label LN in 2010 under the title "Motier de pouchette".

It is permanently enriched on a generally weekly basis and also on any translation request filed by Internet users in 'Le Carrouje'.

Index of Proper Nouns This function is intended to facilitate the knowledge of the gallo writing of proper names in order to quickly access their record in the trilingual Dictionary.
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Brittany Thematic Dictionaries

Specialized Dictionaries

The thematic sheets below are intended to facilitate the work of a translator by gathering vocabulary related to a theme. The words are obviously found in the trilingual dictionary.


Specialized Dictionaries in association with "Pouëvr'et Seu"

The Association Pouëvr'et Seu aims to promote and develop the traditional music, dance and culture of Haute-Bretagne, particularly in the Gallo countries of Nantes and Vannes.