Academy of Gallo

  Taking Stock and Looking Forward: 2021-2022

Over 115789 visits in 2021! Many thanks to all of you!

Year after year, our production is always important and allows us to maintain a regular and a high rate of diffusion (47 publications announced on the home page).

Our publications have concerned all areas of the site and partnerships in Brittany and outside Brittany have been multiplied.

To close this year 2021, we would like to say a very big thank you to all our partners, in particular to Allande SOCARROS, our Basque friend who suddenly passed away on December 09, 2021, and to all the internet users in Brittany and all over the world who follow and use the services offered by the Academy of Gallo!

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Keys Points for 2022

The guiding thread in 2022

After more than 5 years of existence, the DNA of the Academy of Gallo has not mutated by a single gene: it is producing in a very sustained way in all fields, linguistics, literature, sciences, training in Gallo and of course without forgetting the entertainment, always in Gallo!

While continuing its usual productions, the Académie du Gallo will now innovate with new approaches to promote Gallo in the same spirit of free and access to other languages.

Although we are still planning new projects, we are not forgetting those that were planned for 2021 and that we had to postpone for other more urgent work: their achievements will be completed and published in 2022.

"The Little Library" Division

The Little Library, including "la maet a livrs" in the Carrouje gather all the texts produced or translated into Gallo:

- original texts in Gallo on all subjects, historical, technical, etc,
- translations of excerpts from world-famous literary works ("la paije tourney"),
- translations of texts published in a minority language,
- translations of comic books.

Texts that are not in the public domain are all negotiated with the authors or their beneficiaries (see the "Partnerships" Division).

In general, all themes, such as "la paije tourney", the History of Brittany, scientific and technological subjects, will see their stock steadily increase.

Around February, we will open a new large area, but we keep it a surprise!

"Dictionaries" Division

The Great Trilingual Dictionary is constantly being enriched and any translation requests submitted by Internet users are quickly integrated into it.

Our constant concern is not to lose Gallo words: our priority is therefore to update the Gallo → French dictionary. As a result, we have several thousand words that need to be entered into the other dictionaries, French → Gallo and English ↔ Gallo.

In addition to an ever-increasing stock of gallo words to be processed, we also ensure that the access performance is always at the same level.

After a partial overhaul and additions of functionalities in 2021, the Dictionary of Municipalities will continue to be enriched.

The thematic dictionaries will also continue to be expanded and new ones will be produced according to our production capacity.

"School of Gallo" Division

Gallo language training has always been the top priority of the Academy of Gallo: the initial version of the School of Gallo was operational when the website was launched; the English version followed in 2017 and in 2020 a completely revised, re-architected and bilingual French/English version was published.

This new architecture has allowed us to welcome 2 new courses in 2021 and we will continue with at least one new course for beginners, always adapted to the different ways of self-training, especially on smartphones.

Due to the overloaded schedule, we were not able to enrich the 1st formation, created in 2016, with at least one new native voice in order to render other oral variations of Gallo. We have re-planned this project for 2022.

And to contribute as effectively as possible to the survival and preservation of the Gallo language, the School of Gallo is and will remain free for personal and private use!

"Gallo Lab" Division

The "Gallo Lab" is the heart of the Académie du Gallo with 3 main activities:

About tool development, our objective is threefold:

In 2021, the Gallo Lab launched new areas such as ALBRAM, Gallo in old publications, Elements of Gallo Stylistics.

For 2022, these domains will be enriched and a new domain will be dedicated to the legacy of Yves DONGUY, which has been passed on to us by the association Bretagne Vivante.

We remind you that le Carrouje is the information and communication space used by the Labo Gallo.

"Partnerships" Division

Because of our reputation, the "Partnerships" activity is now an important part of our work schedule. Each request we receive or any proposal we send to a partner is the subject of a clearly defined project in order to satisfy both parties.

Through translation into Gallo, the aim of a partnership is to contribute to making other authors, other languages and of course their publishers known.

In order to contribute to the promotion of Gallo in the public space, we generally respond favourably to any request for translation into Gallo for election campaigns.

In 2021, we had planned a new area in Le Carrouje to realise a form of open partnerships in the defence and promotion of minority languages.

In 2022, we will finalise this major project for publication by early summer 2022 at the latest.