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    OLEPEI ("upwards, upstream" in Gallo) is an associative publishing house that aims to publish and promote literature in Gallo.

    OLEPEI is a partner of the Academy of Gallo.

    The editorial line of the publishing Éditions Label LN is directed to the languages of Brittany (Breton and gallo), the heritage, the history, the culture …

    The Academy of Gallo thanks the Publishing Éditions Label LN of the credit note gracefully authorized to lean on the " grammar of Gallo ".

    The Digital Language Diversity Project is a European Erasmus+ project whose mission is to "advance the sustainability of Europe’s regional and minority languages in the digital world".

    the Academy of Gallo is now a "Twin Initiative" of the Digital Language Diversity Project.

Swiftkey     Swiftkey is a Microsoft group society that developed a predictive keyboard based on a neuronal algorithm for Android and iOS mobile devices.
    At the time of writing, Swiftkey offers more than 175 languages and thanks to Julien and his team this number increases every month.

    A Swiftkey user can seamlessly switch from a language to another without changing any language parameter on their device: so useful in our multicultural, multilingual world!

    Learn more about Swiftkey and their free keyboard on their website.


    Daskor is an association which has set itself the goal of making Breton literature known and recognized.

    Sharing the same philosophy, Daskor and Academy of Gallo help each other and share their know-how.

    The congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary better known as the "Nuns of Paramé" founded by Amélie Fristel.

    Academy of Gallo has put online the comic book "Amélie Fristel" translated into Gallo with dictionary services in French and English.

    The website "Pepper & Carrot" regroups all the translations of David REVOY's famous comic book.

    Academy of Gallo is a contributor for the translation into Gallo of all the episodes of Pepper and Carrot.

    The website "Anima Cappiata" is a participative Corsican literary site which proposes and does not stop proposing all kinds of texts of fiction without any other ambition than to make the happiness of its readers.

    With the agreement of the authors, Academy of Gallo translates texts published on Anima Cappita into Gallo.