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    The "Kure Brelevenez" Project


The present version in Gallo of "Kure Belevenez" under the title "Le viqhaere de Berlevenez" can be read free of charge only on the Académie du Gallo website.

Copying or downloading is strictly forbidden.

    Copyright © 2021 Tudual HUON & Embannadurioù Al Liamm
    Copyright © 2022 Tudual HUON & Embannadurioù Al Liamm and Académie du Gallo for the Gallo version

That's how a project sometimes starts

Strolling through a city without stopping in front of bookstore windows is frankly not our habit.
    But when the name of the bookstore is in Breton, then we push the door hoping for great discoveries.

Lannion - Gwalarn Bookstore
(by kind permission of the bookstore)

So in Lannion, we entered the Gwalarn bookstore where many languages are honoured (thanks to Gwenaëlle for having made us discover "her" favourite Lannion bookshop! ).

In the area dedicated to Breton and Brittany, we made great discoveries and purchases, and in particular the comic strip "Kure Brelevenez".

Good reasons to start a project

Fañch an Uhel

"Kure Brelevenez" (in French "the vicar of Brelevenez") is an old Breton tale, tasty and a bit bawdy, which was collected in the 1860s/1870s by Fañch an Uhel (François LUZEL following the French Administration).

It was adapted into a comic strip by Tudual HUON, a well-known illustrator and writer in Brittany.
    This publication was first published by the Breton fanzine Yod Kerc'h in 1980. On the occasion of the bi-centenary of Fañch an Uhel's birth, this version was republished by AL LIAMM in 2021.

In order to enrich the literary heritage in the languages of our country, Brittany, we thought that this old Breton tale should have its Gallo version!

Tudual HUON

As soon as we mentioned it, one of our members, a long-time subscriber to Al Liamm, immediately asked for permission to translate the comic into Gallo to put it for free reading on the Academy of Gallo website.m.

And very quickly, Tudual HUON gave us his agreement and we thank him very much!